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There is something going on in the Gifted Gator Boutique==>>> When you walk in you will see a poster entitled "The Tea Cup Challenge" It is marked in graddations of 25 tea cups which runs all the way to 175 tea cups. What gives? Does it have anything to do with next year's festivities? But it's in March 2016. Stay tuned....

COUPON, COUPON, COUPON !! Keep your eyes out for a $5 coupon coming to a place near you. Check in with your Chamber of Commerce, maybe a local restaurant, gym and spa, or just grab that free weekly paper. You never know where it may turn up. It is for a limited time only, so if you see one, take it and come shopping at the Gifted Gator. All you have to do is spend $25 or more to utilize it, and please only one per person.

We have a winner!! The Gifted Gator held a free raffle during the month of March, two tickets were randomly selected from the raffle jar to select winners of gift certificates donated by local business.
. The first winner was Judith Lyon. She received a $10 gift certificate for Peter's Knife Sharpening located on Olympia St. Punta Gorda.
. The second winner was Judy Minier. She won a $25 gift certificate for Gloria's Stash, a great fabric store at Aqui Esta and Bal Harbour.

Until the Fall.... It is that time again, the time to wish all our friends and family who will be traveling back to their homes in the north, a safe trip home; come back to see us in the fall.